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Our Story


Being a mom of tweens, it wasn't long before I started to notice how their bodies were changing. And oh boy, so did their smell!  I began searching for deodorants that can best care for my girls, but I wasn't happy with the choices available in the market. Most products I've seen contain questionable ingredients that are potentially harmful to their developing bodies.  It was kind of scary, actually.  So, I set out to create an all-natural, odor neutralizing, earth friendly deodorant that my girls would love to use everyday!    

Thus, the birth of Hoooray! 


Hoooray is the expression of happiness that you get when something just works!  It’s the expression that I see my girls exhibit more and more as they use the deodorant that I created for them. They are saying “Hoooray” at school…“Hoooray” at football practice…“Hoooray” at dance class!  And, when you have something that works so well in a natural way, you want to share it with the world!


So moms, what do you say? Let’s get your kids to say Hoooray!